Cleaning out the garage

It wasn’t our garage, but we ended up helping a family member clean out their garage.   I don’t suppose it’s news to anyone, but it’s quite incredible what we hold on to in our lives!    And when the time comes, some things can go, but others are retained – and the decision as to what goes into which category doesn’t always seem to be rational!

img_8522Anyway, I ended up resolving that our garage would be the next one to receive the “treatment”!  I’m not looking forward to that.


One thought on “Cleaning out the garage

  1. Bill

    Agatha actually means ” good” so perhaps it’s fair enough. However, if one wants to associate a baby with a particular virtue (which – who knows – might later turn out to be a misnomer), then perhaps names like Verity, Prudence, Faith, Joy, etc sound better. The name Agatha reminds me of agapanthus. Christie, however, knew how to write a ” good” story.
    My father told the story of a house in the street where he lived as a boy, which had a sign ” Beware of the Agapanthus” on the front gate. It made some people quite nervous.


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