Roadside assistance

I grit my teeth every time I pay an annual subscription to RACV for “roadside assistance”.    I can’t remember the last time I called on the RACV for help, but a family member who recently did so tells me that they took a long time to arrive and their estimates of timing were vague and  inaccurate.  In the meantime, based on the annual amount I’ve paid each year for a long time, RACV is way ahead.

True, that’s the nature of insurance, you pay just in case you need it.   However, I was very interested indeed when I saw that someone has developed an ap designed to provide roadside assistance.   It’s called Stuck, and the idea is to provide on-demand roadside assistance.

img_20161115_091428I admit that I haven’t used Uber, but if the roadside assistance concept can establish credibility and takes off in the same way that Uber has done, then perhaps RACV will have to look more closely at its business model.



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