Trump … and CBA

The dust is settling, reality is setting in:  Donald Trump is the US President-elect.

Perhaps those of us who are often troubled by “political correctness” can see his win as a reaction against this, but as against that, it looks as though there might be a lot of change and perhaps disruption in the “world as we know it”.   So we could be in for a bumpy ride!

No-one seems to have explained why the polls got it so wrong.   The best that seems to being offered is that polling these days is “harder” to do and as stated in that link, “Contemporary technologies of political polling are no longer up to the task”.  This still doesn’t explain why the vast majority of polls erred in the same direction;  although I don’t advocate a “conspiracy theory”, it does make you wonder if there’s a degree of subjectivity involved.

img_20161110_081946On a different note, maybe it’s just me, but I found it an interesting coincidence  that Trump’s election occurred on the same day that Commonwealth Bank’s remuneration report was rejected by nearly 50% of shareholders.   At least superficially, there seems to be a parallel:   the big end of town acting in its own interests, seemingly oblivious to the real world.


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