Diwali and the Melbourne Cup

It was the Diwali holiday while we were in Fiji, meaning that everyone has a long weekend.  It’s a time for fireworks, so every evening there are random fireworks set off unpredictably all around the place!

img_8359aWe went into Nadi, where there are “Happy Diwali” signs and “Diwali sales” in some of the shops.    However, there wasn’t a lot of opportunity for “retail therapy” and nowhere that appealed for a cup of coffee, so we took the $1 shuttle bus back to our accommodation.    The shuttle bus is fine, but we were treated to a tour of the whole of Denarau on the way!

Then it was time to watch the Melbourne Cup, which creates a lot of interest here.  Well done Lloyd Williams and Almandin.

img_8348a img_8390a


One thought on “Diwali and the Melbourne Cup

  1. Good old Lloyd! And certainly looking his age, which is about mine. Needs to polish the brevity button on his speech-making kit, but I will the never criticize the chap who made legal life interesting.


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