To Nadi

C hired a car for the drive from Suva to Nadi, and we set out from Suva on Saturday morning.    Downtown Suva is a traffic nightmare, with massive congestion in the narrow streets near the markets and some strange one-way streets.    However, with patience and only one U-turn of doubtful legality we made it through town!

I was pleasantly surprised by the condition of Queens Rd which is the name of the road via the Coral Coast (southern route) from Suva to Nadi.    It’s certainly not a fast trip:  there are many villages that you must slow down for and only occasional passing lanes, but conditions weren’t as bad as I feared they might have been:  the volume of traffic wasn’t too bad and the condition of the road was mostly OK.

At times the road travels close to the coast, so there are some great vistas.  At other times it passes through land that seems not to be productively used, yet seems to be capable of being used.   Perhaps it has to do with land tenure here?

We stopped for coffee at Pacific Harbour, which is an up-market  resort and housing development with an associated “market place”, then for lunch at the Beachouse Resort.   This resort obviously caters for the backpacker/surfing demographic, however the burger-style meals we had were excellent.

It was then non-stop to Nadi, foregoing the temptation to stop at Sigatoka, and thence to our resort accommodation at Denarau Island (a few kilometres out of Nadi).  Given the cost of our accommodation, our expectations were high – and we have not been disappointed.  In fact, if anything, our expectations have been exceeded.  More about this in the next post.

Beachhouse resort showing restaurant complex etc
View of beach in front of Beachhouse (surfing is off-shore, on the reef)

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