To Fiji

After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, we finally found there were a few days convenient to all concerned when we could visit C, who’s currently working in Fiji.    So I was tasked with implementing the decision and booking the flights.

We want to fly into Suva and return from Nadi, and it didn’t take long to come to the conclusion that we would have to book two one-way trips.    But it did take quite some time on  Skyscanner,  Webjet and other sites to work out what flights offered the best combination of reasonable stopover times and fares, following which we booked directly with the relevant airlines (and, no, we didn’t book with Jetstar!).

screenshot-245Then there was the issue of S’s passport.    We had already applied for this to be renewed, but we ended up planning to travel sooner than expected.   Although we calculated that the “normal” processing time would result in the re-issued passport arriving in time, we didn’t want to take any chances.   It turns out that even once the application is submitted (at the post office), you can still speed it up by paying the extra fee on line.  Not cheap, but we paid to avoid potential stress.   And the passport arrived at the promised time.

So, hopefully now we’re all ready to go and the next post (all being well) will be from Fiji……


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