To Port Fairy

We booked a short stay at Port Fairy a few weeks ago.   On the drive down, we encountered rain before we hit Geelong, and from there until Camperdown the rain was non-stop.    We stopped at Camperdown for a coffee and lunch, but I couldn’t locate the pleasant cafe that I was sure we’d enjoyed on a previous trip.    The cafe that we ended up at was somewhat more “country town-ish” then I planned, but after some initial misgivings, it actually turned out to be quite good.

img_7925aI’m pleased to say that little seems to have changed at Port Fairy since we were last here!   We love the accommodation right on the river bank.    When the sun is out, the lounge area captures the warmth, and when a shower comes across we can sit smugly inside and watch the elements at play.   The lounge area is designed to be shared by the three river-front rooms, but the other rooms aren’t occupied at present, so we’re enjoying the area all to ourselves.



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