Mobile broadband – again

We’ll be away at Port Fairy for a few days, so I checked that my mobile broadband was operating (although hopefully we’ll have wi fi at the accommodation).    I have a love/hate relationship with this technology.   As with our recent trip to FNQ, it seems that the USB modem driver software needed to be updated.  I wonder if the advent of the Windows anniversary update created this need?

Yet when I tried to find the update through Control Panel/Device Manager, I was merely informed that the software was up-to-date.

After much frustrating googling, I eventually came across another option, through This PC/Manage/System Tools/Device Manager.   For reasons that I can’t understand, this leads you to the location of actual driver on the hard drive, and then you can force it to update itself.

screenshot-244In short, it’s all very strange, but having stumbled (well, found it after a lot of googling) on this option, my USB modem was up and running within a few minutes.   As I commented in my previous post, it greatly annoys me that the driver has to be manually updated – and that the process of doing so isn’t intuitive.   I wonder if this is just the price I have to pay for using “Vodafail”?


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