Council Elections

The local council elections are being held across Victoria in October, and in our area, it’s being handled by postal voting.   Most of the candidates have letter-boxed us, and I even emailed a couple of them with a question about their attitude to a specific issue.

Needless to say, there are some common platitudes (along the lines of “making the area a better place to live”).  To be fair, I think that the quality of the candidates in our ward is quite good, although for various reasons, there are a few I could not bring myself to support.  Hence, when I voted on the day that the material arrived,    my biggest issue was who to place last!



2 thoughts on “Council Elections

  1. City of Yarra is still in the Athenian mode of democratic personal attendance, and most of our Ward candidates aren’t prominent in our letterbox or at our door, but that’s OK. Labor, Green, or Socialist? Whether it’s plebiscites or Councils democracy doesn’t treat minorities well, but as Churchill said it’s better than the alternatives.


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