The Doggies

It seems that everyone in Melbourne had put aside their normal loyalties and were behind the Bulldogs in the  week leading up to the Grand Final.   Well, perhaps there were some holdouts down South Melbourne way.     But for everyone else, of course, it was all about supporting the underdogs (the Bulldogs had finished the season 7th and Sydney had finished on top), and there was that 62 year drought since Footscray last won to break.  And I guess the Melbourne/Sydney thing came into it, too!  Just the same, to see people wearing the red, white and blue, and the occasional balloons around our area was, well, somewhat unusual.

During the build-up in the preceding week, I was on record as saying that the Doggies ought to enjoy the fun while they could, because there was no way they’d win on the day.  But my pessimism was misplaced, and win they did, and with a 22 point margin – albeit after a match that for the most part was nail-bitingly tight.

img_7759aWell done Doggies!



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