The Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I didn’t ask for the Windows update (well, not specifically), I didn’t know I was going to get it and – most annoyingly –  I had no say as to when it would deprive me of the use of my computer for over an hour while it installed itself.

The computer had been acting a bit strangely for a day or so, running slowly and a blank screen appearing unexpectedly.   No doubt the update was downloading and getting ready to install itself.  Then some updating occurred when I logged off, but next time I logged on, I was informed that an update was occurring and it would take “some time”.    Well over an hour later, my computer was eventually restored to me, and I found that I had received the “Windows Anniversary” update.

650x344xscreenshot-16-650x344-png-pagespeed-gpjpjwpjjsrjrprwricpmd-ic-lhqf4b1wc4While I don’t mind routine updates from time to time, especially if they improve security (and somewhere in my system, no doubt I’ve “elected” to have them installed automatically), I thought that this was intrusive, especially because it was unannounced.

To add insult to injury, after the update I found our printer had been completely uninstalled.   In fact, the printer (attached to another computer and accessed via the home network) wasn’t even visible when I tried to “add printer”.    I had to manually search for it.   Also, after the update, the search function in Outlook went awry and I had to re-index Outlook (a new experience for me).    I don’t know enough about Outlook to ascribe this to the update, but surely the timing wasn’t just a coincidence?

Other “adjustments” have become apparent since, such as changes to the way folders are ordered in file explorer windows.   We’ve seen it before, changes are made that seem only to have the purpose of being “neater” or “different” without offering and discernible improvement, yet giving rise to a hassle when a particular item can’t be found because it’s been moved.   Such are the trials of living with Microsoft.


2 thoughts on “The Windows 10 Anniversary Update

  1. Hmm, a joy still to arrive for me. On the strength of your post I googled it and found this very recent plea for it “We knew that the Anniversary Update was going to be a phased rollout way back in July, but the major upgrade has been out for almost eight weeks now – and according to one batch of statistics it’s only arrived on 34.5% of Windows 10 PCs. So barely more than one in three Windows 10 computers are running the Anniversary Update (version 1607).”
    My version is 1511, so now I feel almost medieval. Google posts comment that the anniversary has nice things for phones…


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