+39 Pizzeria

We went for a weeknight meal at +39 Pizzeria in Hawksburn (now called Toorak by some, which is postally correct but it’s not how the traditionalists see it).   This is slightly off our usual track,  but it’s not too far away.   Very stylish indeed!   The pizza and pastas we had all had some “flair” about them.  The service was fine, too.  Prices were acceptable for what we got, but just remember, this is a bit more up-market than your average pizza place!

If you’re not into pizzas and pastas, the other “main course” offerings were thin on the ground (one fish dish and one meat dish).    But we weren’t complaining.   And there’s an excellent choice of deserts!

The room was nice although we thought it could get noisy if things were busy (lots of hard surfaces).   BYO is allowed, although the cost is $5 a glass.

img_20160919_202756And why is it called “+39”?    Well, that’s the country code for Italy of course.


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