The PC User Group

Well, the tensions at the PC User Group came to a head when a Special General Meeting was called to remove the president from office.    Legal advice was circulated, one stating the the meeting hadn’t been validly convened, the other stating that any defects in the procedures didn’t invalidate the meeting (I express no opinion!).   I turned up, hoping that I wouldn’t have to sit through a formal meeting because I was interested in the other matters on the agenda, but, no, the meeting went ahead.   Actually, it was all quite civilised, with an extremely competent chair who had carefully researched the issues and had an answer for every one of the numerous points of order that were raised.

img_7303bJust the same, it went for an hour (“yawn”), and the president was duly removed because the discontents had done a better job of arranging proxies.

The issues were the same as at last year’s AGM:    a declining membership, an inability to cut costs and a propensity by some to want to hold on to their fiefdoms.   As an observation from one who has kept his distance, it now seems to me that the previous president (who didn’t stand for re-election at the last AGM) hadn’t been able to persuade a number of dinosaurs of the need to change, so the president who took over at that time had taken things into his own hands in a somewhat abrasive manner.  Ostensibly, it was his manner that so alienated others that they convened the AGM, and who am I to say otherwise?

The discontents certainly provided no answer to the suggestion that there is a need for change, so the prospect of the “old school” taking charge following the removal of the president seemed to be a worry.  This was alleviated to some extent when, following the formal meeting, a very well-regarded past president announced that he had been invited to form a “ticket” of respected long-term members to stand at the AGM in a couple of months time.   I gather that most of those behind the special meeting have not been included in the ticket, so their hold on power may be short-lived.    However, the now immediate past president hasn’t been included either;  apparently his good ideas are more than offset by his inability to work as a member of a team.


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