Handyman efforts

Our front security door had got a bit out of alignment.  These things happen from time to time in our house.     We can often make minor adjustments, to get the lock lined up properly.  However, on this occasion, it seemed we would have to file the metal strike plate back a little.  This seemed to call for more equipment than we had, but someone said that if we fitted a filing bit to an electric drill, we might achieve something.

So, a visit to the nearby big box hardware store, and we came home with an adequate although far from top-of-the-range drill and a bit that indeed would file metal.

IMG_7041aHowever, at this stage, I looked at the locking mechanism in a little more detail.   It then dawned on me:   the way this particular lock works is that the main part of the latch has to fit into the strike plate but the secondary part has to impact against the strike plate.   In other words, filing was not required; in fact, the reverse was true, and we needed to build up the strike plate a little.

We’ve temporarily done this with blu-tac (but are working on something more permanent)!    In the meantime, although we toyed with the idea of returning the drill for a refund, we decided that every well equipped household needs an electric drill, so we’ve put it to one side and are looking for  jobs where we’ll need it!


One thought on “Handyman efforts

  1. Enjoy driving your next screw. My last purchase of a modern drill was equipped with a directional LED light at its head, for elderly eyes to see the target screw or to assist when working in the darkest corner


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