Parking at the Airport

I’ve previously mentioned that we had to re-schedule one of our recent trips to the airport, thanks to Jetstar cancelling a flight.

Since the purpose of the trip was to drop off an overseas guest who was not familiar with the place, we decided we’d assist with the check-in and security processes.  Hence, I pre-booked parking at the terminal car park, which enables a stay of up to 4 hours for the hefty $15 fee that otherwise only allows a 1 hour stay.

Screenshot (235)Of course, pre-booked parking comes with conditions and the website states that you can’t cancel within 24 hours.  But the confirmation email had contained an “amend booking” button.  Well, it’s worth a try, I thought.  And yes,  although the fact doesn’t seem to be publicised, it indeed seems that while you can’t cancel within 24 hours, you can adjust the timings.

I duly made the adjustment and a subsequent check of my credit card account confirmed that I had only been charged the expected amount.   So there are still some small mercies in the world!


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