What’s wrong with “moist”?

The BBC reports that “moist” seems to be the least favourite English word.  This is based on a survey in Britain, but there’s also a reference to the word being unpopular in Australia.  Other reports on the topic make for interesting reading, too.

The survey is being undertaken by Oxford University Press, who publish Oxford Dictionaries.   However, when I accessed the site, the survey feature had been removed, due to “severe misuse”.    Hmmm, so there’s a gang of hackers out there who want to skew the results?

IMG_7094Be that as it may, I’m still struggling to understand just what might be the issue with “moist”!   Is it overuse on the TV program mentioned by the BBC?   Or  are respondents just climbing on a bandwagon?  Although I’m not sure what my least-favourite word might be, I don’t think “moist” would make it to my short-list!


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