I see that Medibank Private has been losing market share, and so has said it will take steps to stop the “exodus” of its customers.

IMG_7040aWell, if my experience is typical, there’s scope for improvement.   We’ve been with Medibank Private since it was first established.  I’ve considered changing, but for a number of reasons (more than just inertia!), I’ve remained “loyal”.  However, my patience was solely tested when the most recent renewal notice arrived.   Although the amount of the premium was more-or-less in line with expectations, the duration was much shorter than I was expecting for the the amount of the premium.

I rang them (and endured a long queue, even though I used the “call-back feature), and the invoice was re-issued. It still didn’t stack up, so another phone call (and queue).  It finally emerged that because of a change in a government rebate due to occur on an upcoming birthday, the date on the renewal notice represented the date of that change, not the term covered by the premium.   Very confusing indeed, and still not apparent for the re-issued notice.  And in fact, not clearly explained by either of the people I spoke to (I’ve had to “join the dots”).    I just hope that when the next renewal notice arrives, I don’t have to go through the same process all over again.

So, yes, definitely a lot of room to improve Medibank’s “customer interface”:   accurate invoices and shorter wait times on the phone would be an excellent places to start.  Neither of these are “rocket science”, but of course, we’ll believe there’s an improvement when we see it.


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