Booking with Jetstar

We were making a flight booking for a relative visiting from overseas, and Jetstar seemed to offer the best deal, in terms of price and timings.    But ….  the booking process on their website!    There are numerous steps, in addition to the required things such as passenger’s details.   These involve changing or declining pre-filled in suggested options, such as a “package” of add-ons or otherwise how much checked baggage?  Pre-paid seat allocation”   “Carbon neutral” flying?   Pre-paid snacks on board, or maybe a voucher?  You do want travel insurance, don’t you?  A charitable donation?   It was stated at the outset of the process “Some products and services throughout our booking process have been pre-selected for your convenience”.   Err… “convenience”?????   I guess I ought to be grateful that all the hire car and accommodation options could be skimmed!

But the final sting in the tail came at the end:   words to the effect that in the time since you started the booking process, the one available seat at the price you selected has been sold to someone else.   As if….. but who am I to say?    Anyway, go back to the start, select the next available fare (more expensive, of course), and do it all again.    “Considerately” the information already inserted as to passenger name and contact details were still there, but all the “options” had reverted to the default settings…..

Screenshot (230)Not impressed, but not a lot we can about it.


3 thoughts on “Booking with Jetstar

  1. Hmmm. We want to go to Newcastle later this year and so far research suggests only Jetstar flies direct, but on this experience a train for the lap from Sydney is feeling good.


  2. I’d still go Jetstar if the route/price/timings make it the logical choice. Yes, booking on the web is tedious, but if that’s what it takes, then so be it. Of course, if the train gets you closer to where you need to be then that might be different.


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