“Communication Error”

I’m happy with my camera:  it’s served me well for a few years now, and although it isn’t top-of-the-range, it has sufficient  features to suit most of my needs.

However, I was annoyed when using the software to transfer images to my computer to get a message that said “Communication Error”.   I checked the connection, re-booted the computer, tried a few other things  …. all to no avail.    So of course I resorted to googling the problem.  Various solutions were offered, ranging from one “helpful” comment to the effect that the socket for the cable on the camera was destined to fail with use, through to a range of suggestions to change the settings on the camera.

IMG_20160816_115709But the solution didn’t lie with any of these.  Canon’s own site “solved” the problem.    For some strange reason the software can’t handle downloads from a memory card that has more than a set number of photos on it.   Last time I’d put a new memory card in, I’d stepped up from the 8GB cards I’ve used in the past to a 16GB card.   It seems that all the software can handle is about 10GB worth of photos.

So a new memory card – and all was fixed.

And to answer the obvious question, why not delete the photos from the memory card after I download them so as to create more space?   Perhaps it’s just me, but I prefer to keep the cards as off-line back ups.


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