Top Restaurants

“Top” restaurants are not really my scene (as I’ve said before), but I’m still drawn to read with interest anything that comes my way with restaurant ratings.  I justify that on the basis that I need to to make sure that none of the restaurants that I do like have made it.   The Weekend Australian magazine recently had a listing of what it considered to be Australia’s “Hot 50” restaurants.   And, surprise, surprise, they editorialised that New South Wales is “way ahead” (in terms of numbers).   Actually, this isn’t a surprise at all, given that the Australian is pretty Sydney-centric – one look at the sports page any day of the week proves that!

IMG_6962aBe that as it may, I was interested in another of the comments, namely, “..chefs and restaurants are returning to the classics:  familiar food that makes customers happy rather than dishes with cerebral back stories and too many foraged/succulent/fermented bits (administered with tweezers)….. . Real food that corresponds with real hospitality”.

Good news, I think, although in the individual reviews of several restaurants, a number of fairly “exotic” dishes were nevertheless singled out for praise.


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