At Palm Cove

There are no supermarkets (just a couple of convenience stores) or banks (just Cashcard ATMs) and (from what I can see) only only one bottle-shop but (we’ve been told) you can buy wine to take away at the surf club.   However, the ambiance is great, at least until the on-shore wind develops by lunch time.    So, Palm Cove is definitely a place to “chill out” with the biggest decision being, where to eat?    I’m afraid that highly rated Nu Nu didn’t make it to our short-list, but I suspect we wouldn’t have been able to obtain a booking anyway.    Besides, there was a wedding function there on two of the nights during our time.   One night we ate at Beach Almond (“modern Asian”), which was quite good.

I went for a walk south of the village, where there is a pocket of wetlands.  There are warnings about crocodiles, but with a resort on one side and housing close by, I don’t think there’s much of a risk!  EDIT:   I stand corrected.  Although these wetlands aren’t large, I’ve been told that apparently crocodiles have been sighted in them.

Windy on the beach – and clouds brewing, too

2 thoughts on “At Palm Cove

  1. “There are warnings about crocodiles but I don’t think there’s much of a risk!” Pleased to see that you’ve returned from your walk. I wonder why they put those signs there?


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