Sunday in Port Douglas

The local market  on the foreshore of the inlet operates on Sunday mornings.  There are a lot of stalls and it’s quite fun to wander around, although frankly there wasn’t anything that I even considered buying.  However, that says more about me than it does about the market, because plenty of other people seemed busy buying things.    All the typical market stalls were there: clothing, jewellery, wood items, massages, nick-knacks, a couple of fruit & vegetable stalls, various things to eat and drink…..     But no books or computer items.

IMG_6305Just along from the market is St Mary’s By the Sea, with an 11 am “ecumenical” service, conducted by the Uniting Church minister from Mossman.  We attended, and liked the fact that he preached from Colossians (seemingly consistent with the lectionary, at least as we have been having it at home).  The hymns were just slightly on the “happy clappy” side, but I was able to live with that.

There didn’t seem be a lot of publicity around town about the time of the service, but even so I estimated that over 50 people attended (almost all being visitors) – just about the capacity of the building.

Market scene
The stall sells chocolate coated bananas!



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