Wildlife Habitat

We spent a pleasant few hours at Wildife Habitat.  I’m not really a zoo person, and I wasn’t impressed at all by the conditions the koalas and bandicoots were in but otherwise the environment for the birds and animals here didn’t concern me.   There are numerous types of birds (including jabiru storks, which breed here), kangaroos, wallabies, cassowaries, and of course the crocodiles in more-or-less natural surroundings.   Part of the walkway above the crocodiles is closed (for reconstruction?), but it was still possible to view an enormous one plus 7 (according my count) others.

We heard the presentations by the keepers on reptiles, wetland birds and koalas, and were impressed by the commitment, knowledge and enthusiasm of the staff.

Handler with python!

Some of the infrastructure looked as though it was getting to its “use by” date (such as holes in the mesh above the bird enclosures), but this didn’t detract from our experience.



Reptile handler with small crocodile – mouth taped shut, but it didn’t seem troubled at being handled!
Walkway in cassowary walk enclosure
Koala (obligatory photo)
Mid-sized crocs
“Big Daddy” crocodile



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