Port Douglas

After our flight, we hired a car and had an uneventful trip to Port Douglas.   But the weather – lots of showers!     We’ve been told this is an improvement on earlier in the week, when it was just solid rain, and in fact the forecast is for showers to clear in the next couple of days.

View from top deck at marina, rain clouds in the distance

To be truthful, of course, since sitting on the beach isn’t our thing, a few showers don’t make a big difference.   With umbrellas at the ready, on our first full day we walked to the surf club for a nice lunch on the (covered) deck, then around to the marina for a coffee and drink on the upper deck of the marina building with a pleasant view over the estuary and boats in the marina.

There’s some work taking place at the marina, [EDIT] with a view to making it a destination in its own right which, I understand, is held out by some as a possibility.    It’s beginning to make a little progress towards this as there is now a boutique brewery which is an interesting place for “relaxed” eating and drinking in the evenings, as well as a  few other eating/drinking places.   Otherwise it’s mainly souvenir shops targeting passengers boarding and leaving the various tour boats that come and go from here.

Weather is expected to improve
Steam hauled former sugar tram, alongside marina
Boutique brewery
Brewery at marina by night

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