FNQ – and internet access

We’re off to the Port Douglas area for a couple of weeks (we were also there last year).    I should still be on the internet, so will post on this blog from time to time.

In anticipation of this trip, I fired up my wireless internet, for use in case I can’t access wi fi and so needed a backup.    But, it was to no avail;  the computer said it couldn’t detect the USB modem.   Intermittently over a couple of days I googled for suggestions, and tried to implement various suggestions.   Still nothing.

Then one chat site suggested looking for an undated version of the provider’s interface software.  Within minutes, all was working as it ought.

Screenshot (184)While I’m pleased at the outcome, I’m annoyed that I had to spend some time looking for a solution for a problem that I would have thought should not arise,  in that that any necessary software updates ought automatically be installed.



One thought on “FNQ – and internet access

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