Robot lawyers

I was interested in this report about an artificial intelligence platform that supposedly could make court conflicts a thing of the past.

Well, of course, “never say never” and given the massive leaps in technology in recent times, it may be that, one day, such a program could be practicable.   However, in the short term, at least in my experience, many issues are rather more complex than they may at first seem to be.  In such cases, it’s all about asking the right questions, and then assembling all the information required to answer them!   And then, of course, each party to a dispute usually has their own version of events and a judgment has to be made as to which version is more credible.   While some legal functions may lend themselves to computerisation, I think there may be some way to go before lawyers and courts can be dispensed with!



One thought on “Robot lawyers

  1. Nothing is new under the sun…in my final year at Sydney Law School 1964 (ie 52 years ago) this a serious enough topic to be the subject of set essays in jurisprudence. At the time I think recall computers were rare, large machines in universities, with valves and miles of magnetic tape. The conclusion was that they could do some pure logic functions well, but the art…


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