The Winter Breakfast launch

I again attended Prahran Mission’s Winter Breakfast program launch.  Not quite as slick as the Salvos appeal launch which I attended a few weeks back, but I don’t think Prahran  Mission uses pre-prepared templates for their speeches (…oops, should I say things like that?).

The main speaker was Minister Martin Foley, and inevitably his speech had some “political” content, but it wasn’t too bad.    There were two separate “acknowledgements to Traditional Owners”, but no Grace.  Come on, Uniting Church,  political correctness is one thing, but where are your basic beliefs?

IMG_3971a Martin Foley
Minister Martin Foley

3 thoughts on “The Winter Breakfast launch

  1. Bill Rush

    The launch followed the usual pattern and was well attended – including a good role-up from Armadale UC. That the Mission Caters team, with volunteers, was able to serve up 100-150 hot breakfasts so early in the day is commendable. Perhaps not exactly 5 star hotel standard but quite enjoyable. The service was quick and unobtrusive. The participant who spoke and shared his experience with mental illness, gave the most interesting speech.


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