Yum Cha

We had Sunday yum cha at Silky Apple.  It’s been years since we’ve been to Silky Apple, and the family wanted to go there.   It’s still got quite a nice decor, and the yum cha selection was pretty good.

The catch, though, is that S is intolerant of MSG.   This can usually be handled at Chinese restaurants when dishes are cooked to order, but with yum cha, things are much harder.  All the dishes are pre-prepared, and apparently often bought in, so restaurants can give few if any assurances about the absence of MSG.    Hence, S ordered her own meal and refrained from participating in the yum cha selections.   The meal took a while to arrive (I guess the kitchen’s energies were being devoted to keeping up the supply of the yum cha dishes) which created a bit of angst since the rest of us were eating.

IMG_3947aHowever, with the passage of time, her food arrived, and a little wine helped things along, so things brightened up by the end of the meal!   But we probably won’t be doing yum cha again anytime soon.



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