Paying in advance

There’s always a risk, hopefully usually not a big one, when you pay for something before you get it.   Recently, purchasers of Dick Smith gift cards found this out!

On a much smaller scale are the cards used to pay for photocopying at Officeworks.  These need to be in credit before you use them.  In the past, Officeworks had two separate systems, apparently applicable at different stores.  I had a card for each.   In recent times, they’ve changed their system, and users have had to get a new card.  In theory, the balance for one of the previous systems was transferable to the new system.   However, when I tried to do this, the machine refused to co-operate.  On referring the matter to a staff member, I was told that the card I was using must have had a nil balance.  Although this is most unlikely in my view (although the balance may well be quite small), I was told that there was no way of checking this.

IMG_20160510_094831I wasn’t very happy at this, and the position was made worse when I was told that it wasn’t possible at that store to transfer the balance across from the card that had previously been used at other stores.


The best I could do would be to go to one of those other stores and maybe something could be done there.   Perhaps I’ll get around to doing this…..?  In the meantime, the moral of the story is to keep credit balances small when using pre-pay cards.


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