Tramway Works

There were tram track works in Glenferrie Rd recently.   The road was blocked off and although pedestrians could still use the footpaths, they couldn’t cross the road, and the atmosphere was uninviting.   From a few casual observations, it seems that the traders had a hard time of it.

The work also involved renewing the tram tracks at the entrance into the tram depot, so trams couldn’t get in or out.    The authorities arranged for trams to be kept overnight in Dandenong Rd (between Kooyong Rd and Hawthorn Rd), which meant that the regular number 64 tram service couldn’t operate.  Accordingly, it was re-routed via Balaclava Rd, leaving the rest of Dandenong Rd to be served only by route 5 trams –  a reduction of more than 50% of capacity on a busy part of the network.

Trams parked in Dandenong Rd

The other route affected was the Glenferrie Rd route, number 16, which didn’t operate at all, being partially replaced by the re-routed route 64 service, with buses for the Glenferrie Rd part of the route.

Although there were signs at affected tram stops (which required some knowledge of the network to understand) and at times staff were out and about, the changes would have been hard for a casual user to understand.    And the information delivered to residents’ letter boxes merely stated that routes 16 and 64 would be “affected” and gave no details at  all of what the changes might be, merely stating that it would be on signage and the internet.

IMG_3910aI’m left with the impression yet again that “user-friendliness” doesn’t rate highly at Yarra Trams.



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