I’ve taken a bit of a break in posting on this blog because we’ve been travelling, and in a couple of weeks time, I’ll be off again.   However, there are perhaps a few things happening deserving of an occasional post.

The biggest issue is that my casual work arrangements with (now former) employer “A” have come to an end.    True, not very much work was coming my way, although there was some interesting activity a few months back.   But perhaps the time had indeed come to make the break, although it wasn’t my idea.

One particular issue that took a bit of “sorting” concerned my ability to retain the mobile phone number that the firm had provided to me for many years.   This involved a change in “ownership” of the number (that is, from A to me).   I was provided with a letter authorising me to take a transfer of the number, which I duly took to the local Telstra shop.   The transfer process was a bit intricate:  I signed up for a basic Telstra pre-pay deal, the shop made a call to a dealership support call centre, a wait occurred while the new account was established, then another call to the call centre and “my” number was transferred across to the new pre-pay account.  All up, it took about an hour.   I had been informed that, in theory, the number could be transferred to a provided other than Telstra, but I suspect that the Telstra dealership’s ability to have direct access to a support call centre which in turn could “see” the firm’s account on their system took at least one element of complexity out of the process.

This, I now have a Telstra pre-paid account, but I guess, in the future, now that the number is “mine”, I could transfer the number across to a different provider if I decide to do so.

Farewell Nokia phone!

In the meantime, I’m forcing myself to adjust to a “smart” phone, as the old Nokia “dumb” phone that had served me well for so many years is getting towards the end of its life!


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