Giving feedback

The time had come to replace the tyres on one of the cars, so I rang ahead and the price was OK.   Actually, when you think about it, the price of tyres for an “ordinary” car isn’t too bad given that they normally last for years and are such an important part of the car.   I gather from others, however,  that the prices of tyres for “prestige” cars aren’t necessarily in the same price category.

Because I had rung ahead, I was expected and the timing fitted in nicely with the time required to have a coffee a little way along the street while the work was done.  And, yes, all was ready at the promised time when I returned.

IMG_5347aSo, there were indeed “no surprises”.   But should I have responded to the survey form left in the car seeking feedback?   Everyone seems to want feedback these days (for example, when the other car was serviced). Generally speaking, my attitude is not to give feedback when some work is done as agreed.    Am I supposed to give an “excellent” rating to an enterprise just because it does what it says it will do?   Moreover, had I filled in the survey at the time, I would not have been aware that in fact none of the tyres had dustcaps on the valves – something that only became apparent to me a week or so later when I checked the air pressure  (something that I am not always conscientious about, so it was good that I did it).



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