Optus (again)

I have a love/hate relationship with Optus.  Sometimes, they’re OK, but it can be annoying to deal with them.    Our household’s broadband deal is with them:  it’s been set up for a long time, and it provides what we need at what I believe is a satisfactory price.   However, because the origins of the plan date back a long time (albeit the actual arrangements have since been modified), the bills have always come through the mail.

Clearly, this wasn’t going to last!    And hence the day arrived when there was an insert with the bill, stating that paper bills were going to incur an extra cost.   It was suggested that we switch to a bill by delivered by email.

Being pragmatic, I accepted the inevitable, and went to the suggested website to make the necessary change.   Ooops, “error 404” – that website doesn’t exist.  Oh well, try the “My account” route.  Fine, I logged in, but to get to the billing section an “update” was required (the provision of a little more information).   I dutifully complied, but nup:  “Account update failed”.    All attempts to make the change to electronic billing having failed, I rang the phone number.    After the usual multi-layered menu, I got a message to the effect that a friendly customer service representative would be available in 15 minutes!   15 minutes on hold?  No, thank you.

IMG_1697aHaving noticed another option was to be connected to the “I wish to cancel my service” section, after a moment’s reflection, that was where I headed,   Hmmm, that’s certainly the way to get Optus’ attention – the wait was less than a minute!   And after informing the off-shore operator that the thought of cancelling the service had indeed crossed my mind when I had hear how long it was going to take on hold, I was told that the minor adjustment to billing arrangements had now been made (hopefully, correctly).


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