Masters and Bunnings

I’ve posted previously on the subject of Bunnings and Masters and of course the proposed closure of the Masters chain – and the mistakes that Woolworths are with the benefit of hindsight seen to have made – has been widely discussed in the media.

IMG_1629a Masters KeysboroughBut what were Woolworths thinking of when they opened a Masters at Keysborough directly across Cheltenham Road from Bunnings?   To seek to compete is one thing, but to develop a store opposite your well-established rival seems just foolhardy – unless the primary intention was to hurt Wesfarmers?

IMG_1625a Bunnings Keysborough
View from Masters’ entrance!


The day we were there was after closure of Masters had been announced, so we weren’t surprised to find empty racks in the plant department (above).



3 thoughts on “Masters and Bunnings

  1. Bill Rush

    What saddens me is the immanent closure of Deans Hardware in Malvern Road. I can usually get what I need there 9 times out of 10 without having to wander along endless aisles. Also, I can go to the counter, tell them what I want, and an obliging person will return with the required item. It’s been a while though since, they described themselves as an ironmongery. WR


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