We were invited by friends M and D to see the house they bought a while back at Balnarring.    I guess I’ve driven through Balnarring from time to time, but I admit that I had not previously had occasion to take very much notice of it!   And I don’t think I’ve actually ever been to Balnarring Beach.  This is a little way away from Balnarring itself, so is off the main road, and really is quite pleasant:   not much traffic and clearly all very quiet, lots of vegetation (more than I’d expected, actually), a little creek (albeit dry and this time of year) and a couple of nice beaches.   Apparently there’s a lot of local community spirit, too.   And to top it all off, it’s not far from Merricks General Wine Store where we had a nice lunch.

Footnote:   We were most impressed with the amount of painting D had done.   It’s clear that buying a house that needs “a coat of paint” involves a big commitment!

IMG_1598a Balnarring IMG_1601a Balnarring Beach


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