We wanted to mark a particular occasion, so we headed to Sagra.  It’s a lively Italian restaurant, but for reasons that I don’t get, it didn’t make it into the hard copy of 2016 Good Food Guide.  Perhaps it’s a timing issue?   However, there is a review on-line.    There are some more reviews here.

All our dishes in their own way were good.  I had the Foccacia Patate followed by the lamb cooked two ways (roasted rack and slow cooked rump); I particularly enjoyed the lamb and the sauteed vegetables that accompanied it.  S told me that the calamari  and the tagliatelle ragu were good too;  anyway, they looked it, even though I’m not personally a fan of calamari.   We couldn’t agree with the comment in one of the reviews about portion sizes;  all our serves were on the generous side.   One or two of the reviews above referred to inconsistencies in the service.  Although our own limited experience when Sagra first opened was consistent with this,   Sagra now seems to have got its act together and we found the service was efficient and stylish.

IMG_20140121_161424Things were quite busy.  The kitchen is in the middle, so you can watch the seemingly hectic activity.   After our meal we went up and had a look around the roof top bar with its view over the neighbourhood, and then dropped in on the mezzanine.  Here you can look down on the chefs while they’re busy in the kitchen.    It’s all most impressive.   There must be order in all the activity, judging from the results, but it’s hard for the onlooker to discern!


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