The Anglesea roundabout

Well, I see that something is finally to be done about the notorious Anglesea roundabout!   The report states that it’s to be be widened to 2 lanes in each direction.   This seems sensible;  I just wonder why it’s taken so long to get around to doing it.

Just the same, it won’t solve the tailbacks that occur further down the Great Ocean Road, mainly at Lorne.    On a hot summer day, the tailbacks here, too, can extend for kilometres.  Perhaps these don’t occur quite as often as those at Anglesea, but in any event they can’t be so easily solved, as the bottleneck is getting through the township itself.   However, regular users know that the Lorne issues can largely be avoided by taking the Dean’s Marsh road over the Otways, as the traffic from this route enters Lorne on the right of the roundabout coming into the township and accordingly gets priority.  Not that there’s any secret about this;  it’s very well signed at Waurn Ponds.

IMG_1233a Lorne traffic
No easy solution to the tailbacks at Lorne

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