Leap Year

Well, it’s 29 February.  Perhaps the fact that we’re in a leap year is hardly worth a comment, but it adds a day to summer and I find things such as this to be interesting.

My grandmother found it “interesting” in a way, too.  Her birthday was on 29 February – but as a girl, she missed out on that date in 1900 (because if the century isn’t divisible by 400, you don’t have a leap year).

IMG_1593aWhen we were told about this as children, we thought that going 4 years between “real” birthdays was pretty bad, but having to wait 8 years struck us as unbelievably tough!

EDIT:    My periodical pension payment wasn’t in the bank when I expected it to be (normally, a few days before the end of the month).   On checking the fund’s website, I found an announcement:

“Pension Payments

Pension members please note February pension payments will be paid by 1 March 2016.  We apologise for any inconvenience from the delay in payment this month.”

Hmmm….didn’t they see the leap year coming?


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