Charity collections

We often have a few things to put out when one of those plastic bags arrives in the letterbox, soliciting old clothes and other goods for this or that charity.  One such collection was scheduled a week or so back.

IMG_1357aOn the day that the pickup was supposed to occur (Wednesday), not much went – although a couple of the items that we put out the night before disappeared overnight!   Presumably, someone had sussed out the “good stuff”!

However, most of the bags in the street were still there on Friday morning.   Most of these were apparently collected on Friday – but not all of them.   We were left to conclude that the collection process had been rushed, and some bags were overlooked.

Delays in pickups, missed pickups….while not a major disaster, it is a bit annoying.  Is it too much to ask that collectors try to do better?  We certainly don’t want the local council – ever keen on micro-management! – attempting to “do something about it”.



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