Well, Bunnings (Wesfarmers)  appear to have seen off any competition from Masters (Woolworths), but hopefully this won’t lead to them become too complacent.   But I do have concerns.

We were in a Bunnings store earlier this week, looking in the lighting section.  Frankly, the display was very haphazard.   While the items on display had prices marked, a number of items in boxes on the shelves weren’t displayed, and moreover, no price was marked on the shelf.

When I was able to locate a staff member – not an easy task at Bunnings, as is well known – I was informed that I could take it to the checkout to find out the price.   Needless to say, we were at the back of the store, about as far from the checkout as it was possible to be.   Bunnings don’t have “price check” readers, so the only other option was to locate a staff member with a hand-held reader to check the bar code.   And the final irony?  Not all staff have hand-held readers!




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