Southland Station

I like the idea of a station to serve the Southland shopping centre, because it will allow us to have direct train access to it (with Chadstone, the best we can do is train + bus).   So when we were down at Southland, I had a look out the back to check on the “progress” of the oft-promised Southland station.   And in Daniel Bowen’s post (see previous link), it’s stated:

“Update April 2014: On 23/4/2014 the government announced the cost of the project was now $21 million, and that early works will commence soon, with the station opening in 2016.”

Well, follow the link to the Government’s April 2014 announcement, and it will be found that it’s disappeared!  However, the Minister in March 2015 referred to construction beginning in the 2nd half of 2015.

At least the PTC have  the good grace to acknowledge on their site that things have taken “some extra time”.

IMG_20140110_093704And the situation as of February 2016 is?    The structures for the overhead wires appear to be new, and presumably have regard to the fact that a station is envisaged , but otherwise apart form a sign- stating that construction is to start in 2015 and be completed by 2016! –  nothing seems to have happened.



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