Ladies in Black

We had heard some good things about MTC’s Ladies in Black (and it has received some good reviews), and we weren’t disappointed.   Moreover, we were pleasantly surprised when it turned out that this really is a musical, not just a “play with songs” (to use the Age’s words).

To recap, it’s set in 1959 Sydney, with the “ladies in black” being sales ladies at a department store.  It addresses what we now see were the themes of that era:  the early days of feminism, the impact of refugees (“refos”) on Australian attitudes to food and culture and stereotypical images of life generally, particularly relationships between men and women.  The “Aussie male” of that era fares particularly badly – although two of the male roles are allowed to redeem themselves, allowing for a happy outcome for nearly everyone!

IMG_1386aReflecting on that era (with the benefit of hindsight) is quite interesting, as at least some of the audience would have been able to recall those days, and much of the rest probably had some familiarity with “the way things were”!

Definitely well worth seeing – although I understand that it’s near-impossible to get seats for the remaining performances.



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