Every now and then (monthly?), a glossy magazine called “Wish” falls out of the Australian newspaper.   It’s all about luxury,  top-of-the-range products.  I like to look at it, as it’s a bit of fun to glance over it, although it hardly ever mentions anything that I would have much interest in.  At one level, I suppose it’s slightly reassuring to know that there’s not much in that category that I feel I’m missing out on.

IMG_1274aBut what intrigues me, month after month, are the advertisements for luxury watches for men.   So many brands, but no prices mentioned!   I googled for the prices of some of those advertised and, not unexpectedly, found that they were mostly in the “thousands of dollars” category (and Patek Philippe can be tens of thousands).  However, I’ve been told by family members that watches really are the “in” thing for men at present.

Hmm, and there I was, thinking that watches were just a convenient instrument for telling the time.

IMG_1269aJust the same, there were definitely fewer advertisements for watches in the most recent issue than in previous issues.   Has the market for watches peaked?  What is the next must-have luxury item to be?  Travel to over-the-top resorts, maybe?


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