Christchurch (2)

After exploring the Botanic Gardens and Museum earlier in the day, I then headed to other parts of the city, within walking distance of Cathedral Square.  Apparently the Cathedral has been de-consecrated.

IMG_1151a Cathedral deconsecratedThere’s the “Re-start Mall”,  with a few shops and a little food court where I had a beer and a pizza.

IMG_1103a container mall 2Close to this is the “Bridge of Remembrance”, still being restored.

IMG_1120a Bridge of remembranceApparently High Street is going to be re-built with “character”, but at present it’s pretty desolate.

IMG_1094a High St 2In the other direction, the New Regent Street precinct looks as though it has been completed.

IMG_1130a New Regent StI noticed the restaurant tram in operation – number 411, obviously an ex-Melbourne W2 class (perhaps I went to school on it?)

IMG_1140a restaurant tramI had noticed the sight-seeing tram in operation during my exploration earlier in the day.

IMG_0982And a short walk out from the centre is the “Cardboard Cathedral”.

IMG_1159a Cardboard cathedralHowever, there’s so much more to do – all the best to Christchurch for the journey still ahead!

IMG_1124a planning looks good
The billboards suggest that the concepts are good…..
IMG_1154a wide open spaces
…but right now, there are still a lot of wide-open spaces!



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