The Centre of New Zealand (Sunday 24 January)

I allowed for a day in Nelson before commencing the walk.   I thought a Sunday in a New Zealand regional city might be a bit boring, but I was very wrong:  there were lots of things to do.

I checked out the Sunday bric-&-brac market in the centre of town and also the cathedral (dropping in to listen to the sermon for a few moments).   Then coffee by the river bank (plenty of bike riders), before a quick visit to the supermarket for  few minor items.

I then tackled the walk to the “Centre of New Zealand”.   Well, from a surveying point of view, it’s the “centre” but it seems there are other ways of calculating the “centre” that give other results!   I took the “circular route”, which took an hour (a lot of it uphill) to get there, then the direct, shorter route (downhill!) to return to town (and a beer).   On the way out, I passed the kite-flying festival and also saw the heritage train.   So all in all, there was plenty to fill in the day.

Sunday market
Cathedral, up the steps
More kites
Heritage train
By the path
The “Centre” of New Zealand
Another view of the “Centre”
Inland from the “Centre”
Over Nelson from the Centre
Track through the forest on the way back down

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