We went to an evening session of the Australian Open.   My tolerance level for tennis on TV is pretty low, but I can handle a little live tennis occasionally.   We booked for the Margaret Court arena, on the basis that the seating location/price equation offered the best deal, and were very happy with the seats in row G.   The men’s match here was Tsonga against Omar Jasika.  Jasika is a young Australia and played an entertaining game, with a wide range of shots.  We enjoyed the match although Tsonga prevailed in straight sets.

This was the match in which Tsonga helped an injured ballgirl off the court.  By the way, what happens when there are only 5 ballkids on the court?   Answer – the one on the same side at the receiver’s end takes the place of the injured one, so that there are 2 ballkids at the server’s end, until an additional one comes on to the court.

We didn’t stay for the women’s match which followed, where Gavrilova won an upset victory against Kvitova, but instead adjourned to the outdoor area to watch Djokovic play Quentin Halys on the big screen.   Frankly, watching on the big screen within the grounds didn’t impress me; you get a better view and are more comfortable watching the TV at home (drinks are much cheaper, too).   However, apparently there’s a custom that people leaving the Rod Laver arena offer their seats to people outside, and so it was – we were offered two seats, high up in Rod Laver area, and were able to see the 3rd and final set of the Djokovic match.

Omar Jasika
Omar has some enthusiastic support
Margaret Court arena
Rod Laver arena
The “Big Screen”




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