Upgrading the flight

I’m due to fly to New Zealand for the Abel Tasman walk.  I booked some time ago, but was interested to receive an email from the airline some days before departure giving me the opportunity to “bid” for an upgrade.  Since it’s not a long flight, I wondered if I ought to bother, but on an impulse, I did.

I’m aware that Air New Zealand isn’t the only airline that makes these offers, and I have seen them previously, but I’ve never placed a bid before. As part of the bidding process, there’s a scale that indicates the “strength” of the bid, and I placed mine in the bottom of the “weak” category, just above the “very weak” zone!

IMG_9996aTo cut a long story short, in due course I was informed that my bid had been successful.   Now all that remains is to see whether the difference between economy and premium economy is worth the extra cos that I’ve now paid.



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