The Pier to Pub

We’ve been coming to Lorne for many years, but only rarely have we seen the Pier to the Pub.   It’s not as though open water swimming is a good spectator sport, but it’s a bit of fun to watch the swimmers emerge from the water and race up the beach.

There are  5000 swimmers, who are selected by ballot.   However, those who have competed in 10 or more swims (“Sharkbait members”) may by-pass the ballot.

The event attracted good crowds, and although there was a big tail-back coming into town, the organisers do allow additional parking (at a price!).  However, many of the visitors appear to be day-trippers; by evening, things were back to “normal” for this time of year and there were a number of vacant tables when we went out to dinner.

Crowded beach (finish line in the distance)
Lots of additional parking
Long delays approaching town

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