Sunnymead Beach

C and I walked a short stretch of the Surf Coast walk, from Urquhart’s Bluff to the Sunnymead Beach car park (and return).    Starting from the upper carpark at Urquhart’s Bluff, the path is quite high – although a little inland from the cliff tops – with some great views both back towards Anglesea and to the south west towards Airey’s Inlet. Above the beach, there’s a set of stairs making the descent down to the beach a little easier (but still quite a challenge on the return trip). After a short stretch along the beach, the track climbs steeply to the carpark, where once again there are some great views.
The vegetation along the way ranged from coastal eucalypts and tea tree with the odd casuarina, transitioning into heathland in the more exposed areas.
The beach itself is off the beaten track, although accessible from the carpark. It’s clearly known to the locals and regulars, but because it’s a little out of the way, it probably doesn’t attract too many casual visitors.

IMG_9709a to Anglesea
Towards Anglesea
IMG_9674a Heathland
IMG_9680a Sunnymead beach
Sunnymead beach and cliffs towards Airey’s Inlet
IMG_9686a path woodland
The pathway

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