New Year

We welcomed the New Year at Lorne.   Earlier in the evening, I had dropped other family members (and house guests) in town, where they had a restaurant booking. Later in the evening, S and I went into town ourselves for a civilised glass of “bubbly” before returning just before midnight to welcome the New Year while watching the fireworks on TV.

IMG_9595aThe afternoon had not gone particularly well. The day had been very hot until a change came through mid-afternoon, and then a whiff of smoke in the air (although we had been assured it was nothing to worry about) and a 4 hour power outage didn’t create a good impression.  In the meantime, the whole household had sat out on the deck enjoying the cooler conditions, enjoying a drink and watching the workers work on restoring our power supply, which occurred just as dusk fell. From then on, things seemed better.

Deserted foreshore

Although the restaurants and other venues in Lorne seemed very busy during the evening, the traditional gathering on the foreshore was very subdued. As mentioned, we weren’t there right on midnight, but shortly before this, when we were there, it was deserted. The absence of any local fireworks, barriers, numerous negative signs about the consequences of drinking, being in the possession of glass or letting off fireworks and the presence of security personnel and police ready to undertake bag checks seemed to done the job: the traditional  get together on the foreshore hardly occurred this year!

Anyway, all the best to all for the 2016!



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